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The Best BHB Keto Supplement for Effectiveness and Value
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UPDATED Sat, 21 November 2020

You’ve been thinking about trying the keto diet because of all the amazing results you’ve heard about. Better energy, losing fat, less hunger, more focus and much more. Maybe you’ve even tried going keto and seen some of the results for yourself.

But you’ve also heard about how hard it is to follow. You might have even experienced some of the side effects of adapting to the keto diet like the dreaded “keto flu”.

You can try drinking more water and combing through every food label for hidden carbs while you white-knuckle your way through sugar cravings, but you know there has to be something out there to make the keto diet easier.

We found clear standouts – and many that you should avoid at all costs. Ready to discover which is right for you?

The good news is, we’re right there with you...

Like you, we got sick of trying products that just don’t work.

See, there’s no shortage of BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) ketones supplements in the world. From over hyped supplements seen on TV to your local supermarket you can now find one or several new BHB keto supplements thanks to the growing popularity of the keto diet.

So how do you know which supplements really work?

That’s why we set out to test the most talked about BHB ketones on the market. With retail mark-ups as high as 500%, and some of these supplements costing $60+ even directly from the manufacturer, we knew this was less of a choice and more of an investment.

Here's our break down of what a high-quality BHB supplement must have to be effective and help you reach your goals:

Must Haves:

  • Transparent Labeling - Detailed ingredients labels that show the amount of each active ingredient.
  • Proven Ingredients - Well known and tested ingredients show to be effective.
  • Cost - Clear and upfront pricing that won’t cause buyers remorse.
  • Guarantee - A reputable company should have a guarantee it stands by.

What to Avoid:

  • Stimulants - Some of these ingredients only leave users feeling jittery.
  • Unproven Ingredients - Ingredients that are all hype with little to no research backing them.
  • Proprietary Formulas - Labels that don’t show how much of each ingredient is included.
  • Knock-Offs - Cheap copies of popular well known supplements.

Our Research-Backed 9-Point System

When choosing a keto supplement, just going with any off-the-shelf unknown supplement doesn't cut it.

Here at KetoXpert, we use a proven 9-point ranking system to test and compare all of our products. It’s important to know how our ranking system works:

  1. Product quality based on material and sourcing.
  2. The presence of harmful material/ingredients.
  3. Manufacturer upholds high quality assurance protocols.
  4. The science, research and development behind the product.
  5. High-quality, regulated manufacturing facilities and processes.
  6. Third-party testing to validate the quality of the product.
  7. Customer reviews – removing fake/paid reviews so only real opinions count.
  8. Price.  Is it worth the money?
  9. Return policy and money back guarantee.

A Guide To Our Rankings: How We Picked our Top Choice

After intense research and consultations with numerous customers interviewed, we found the following 3 products that became our top picks. We chose these three based on the following factors:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Impressive Results 
  • Ingredients
  • Formula Transparency
  • Affordability/Value
  • ​Company Reputation
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  • https://www.clinicaleffects.com/lp/keto/offers/BHBoost_1b/


    • Rapidly enter ketosis
    • Burn fat for energy and weight management
    • A balanced formula of BHB ketones with transparent labeling
    • Helps avoid keto flu
    • Great value with cost-saving packages available
    • 90 day money-back guarantee


    • Only available online
    • Sometimes runs out of stock

    The Bottom Line

    Keto Support BHBoost from Clinical Effects passed all of our tests with flying colors.

    The formula, ingredients, effectiveness, and cost of this BHB keto supplement gave us, and our officials, the best results.

    Most BHB ketones supplements can cost you way more than they're worth. Plus, the cheap ingredients and proprietary formulas used by many manufacturers can leave you wondering what’s really in there. That's why we believe Clinical Effects Keto Support BHBoost is the best, most innovative keto supplement that really took us by surprise.

    But we weren't the only ones. Take a look at the positive reviews from their site:

    “I have been on and off the keto diet for about a year now. I tried KetoBHBoost this week and while my diet has been less than perfect I still feel sharper and have more energy. Highly Recomended" ~ Jack S.

    "This is my second time trying the keto diet. The first time I did it, the first week was so bad it nearly scared me off the diet for good. This time though, with BHBoost I had a much better time!" ~ Angie D.

    To secure your order of Clinical Effects BHBoost, Click the link below now (but do hurry, these are going fast with the upcoming season).

  • https://remengine-cacute.com/76c3ec25-c702-4eda-b09a-be171a411aca


    • Ingredients include 3 most popular BHB ketones ​
    • Popular product with numerous customer testimonials
    • Decreases time to enter into ketosis
    • ​Helps with weight management


    • Proprietary formula doesn’t list amounts of each ingredient
    • Pricing can vary depending on retailer
    • Lots of knock-off products, buyer beware
  • https://remengine-cacute.com/30441cd2-454e-4210-8581-c61016e8f503


    • Ingredients include 3 most popular BHB ketones
    • Decreases time to get into ketosis


    • Proprietary formula doesn’t list amounts of each ingredient
    • Not a well known manufacturer